What is Himalayas mountain Class 9?

The Himalayas are geologically young fold mountains covering the northern border of India. The Himalayan range is the highest and the most rugged mountain range in the world. The Himalayas are formed from three parallel ranges of mountains: The Himadri, The Himachal and.

What is Himalayan mountain Class 9?

The Himalayan Mountains are young fold mountains which run in the west to east direction. They run over about 2,400 km. The width of the mountains varies from 2,400 km in Kashmir to 150 km in Arunachal Pradesh. … The Himadri: It is the northernmost range of the Himalayas.

What do you mean by Himalayan mountain?

the Himalayas a vast mountain system in S Asia, extending 2400 km (1500 miles) from Kashmir (west) to Assam (east), between the valleys of the Rivers Indus and Brahmaputra: covers most of Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan, and the S edge of Tibet; the highest range in the world, with several peaks over 7500 m (25 000 ft).

What is Himalayas answer?

The Himalayas are a mountain range in South Asia. The west end is in Pakistan. They run through Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh states in India, Nepal, and Bhutan. The east end is in the south of Tibet. They are divided into 3 parts Himadri, Himachal and Shiwaliks.

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What are three ranges of Himalayas Class 9?

The Himalayas consist of three parallel ranges, the Greater Himalayas known as the Himadri, the Lesser Himalayas called the Himachal, and the Shivalik hills, which comprise the foothills.

What are Lesser Himalayas known as Class 9th?

– The lesser Himalayas are also known as Lower Himalayas or the Himachal. It lies between the Greater Himalayas or Himadri and the Outer Himalayas or the Shiwaliks. The Lesser Himalayas runs approximately parallel to both of these ranges.

What are the 3 ranges of Himalayas?

From west to east the Himalayas are divided broadly into three mountainous regions: western, central, and eastern.

How do locals pronounce Himalayas?

Once you get to India and Nepal, locals are more likely to do something different. First, many people leave off the “s”: It’s the Himalaya. A lot of northern Indians and Nepalese will say “Him-MALL-lie-yah”—emphasis on the second syllable.

What is Himalayas called in English?

The Himalayas, or Himalaya (/ˌhɪməˈleɪə, hɪˈmɑːləjə/; Sanskrit: IPA: [ɦɪmɐːləjɐː], himá ‘snow,’ ā-laya ‘dwelling, abode’) are a mountain range in Asia separating the plains of the Indian subcontinent from the Tibetan Plateau.

Length 2,400 km (1,500 mi)
Native name Himālaya
Lifestyle Extreme