What is needed to transfer a snowmobile in MN?

What do I need to sell a snowmobile in Minnesota?

Paul. When you register your snowmobile you will need the make, model, year, serial number, engine size, and sales receipt that shows the proof of sales tax payment. Sales between private parties do not require payment of sales tax. A person may not sell a snowmobile without furnishing the buyer with a bill of sale.

Do you pay sales tax on a used snowmobile in Minnesota?


Are helmets required for snowmobiles in MN?

In Minnesota, all snowmobile operators MUST wear an approved helmet at ALL times when operating their snowmobile on public lands, regardless of age or experience level. A helmet is also mandatory for any passengers on the snowmobile.

Do snowmobiles come with titles?

Snowmobiles are not titled. To transfer ownership, simply complete the back of your snowmobile registration.

Do I need a title for a snowmobile in MN?

The State of Minnesota requires only a current registration on snowmobiles. At this time, you do not need a certificate of title for your snowmobile.

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Do you need insurance on a snowmobile in Minnesota?

Although Minnesota law does not require any coverage for snowmobiles since they are not licensed for road use, we strongly encourage our clients to look at obtaining a specially designed policy for the snowmobile as exposures similar to licensed vehicles exist for snowmobiles.

Do you have to pay sales tax on a used car in Minnesota?

The motor vehicle sales tax, or MVST, is a tax at 6.5 percent applied to the sale of new and used motor vehicles registered in Minnesota. The rate is based on the purchase price, and the tax is imposed instead of the state general sales tax.

Is there sales tax on boats in MN?

The State of Minnesota requires sales tax to be collected by businesses selling boats. Minnesota Sales tax rate on boats is 7.125%. Boat Trailers are taxed at 6.5%.

Who needs a snowmobile license in MN?

Minnesota requires snowmobile certification by law for anyone born after December 31, 1976. Adult snowmobile safety certification is for snowmobile operators age 16 and over.

Do I need a helmet to ride a snowmobile?


All roads are open for snowmobilers to use. Road shoulders & road ditches are not open for snowmobilers. Helmets are not required. There are no posted speed limits.

What is the best way for a trail leader and a trail sweep to communicate?

Two-way headsets installed in helmets are useful for voice communication and are an effective way for the trail leader and the sweep to communicate.

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