What kind of antifreeze do you use in a snowmobile?

For snowmobiles, there are two types of antifreeze: glycol-based and dex-cool based. Choosing a glycol-based one is always going to benefit your snowmobile, and unlike dex-cool based antifreeze, it will not cause any acid buildup or rust inside your cooling system.

Does it matter what antifreeze I use?

Well, you use the coolant that is specified in your owner’s manual. If you just need to top it up, the recommendation is still the same, however it is unlikely to cause any serious problems if you add a litre of a different type of coolant, as long as you follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule.

Can I use any coolant in my snowmobile?

No, regular automotive antifreeze is not best for a snowmobile because it is made for big water jackets and big radiators. The antifreeze recommended for snowmobiles is also glycol-based, but more refined for small power sport engines such as snowmobiles, ATV, and motorcycles.

How do you drain antifreeze from a Polaris snowmobile?

Put rear of sled up on stand & put shop vac hose over coolant bottle filler neck. Open bleed screw on water manifold & pull out as much as possible. Then pull the hose to w/pump & finish pulling out any remaining coolant.

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How do you flush a snowmobile cooling system?

Lift the rear of the sled. Insert a siphon hose all the way to the bottom of the coolant reservoir and suck it all out. This gets most of it. For a more thorough job, refill with water and run to operating temps.

How do you burp a snowmobile cooling system?

Fill the bottle with anti freeze till the bottle is 90% full or anti freeze runs out around the screwdriver. Pull the screwdriver, put the hose clamp and bottle cap on, fire it off, feel the rear cooler for heat. If no heat after 2-3 minutes repeat till circulation occurs. This has always worked.

How much antifreeze does a snowmobile hold?

The use of special cooling systems increases the amount of coolant required. An average of 5-6 liters of coolant mixture is required for any snowmobile.

What happens if you use the wrong color antifreeze?

Mixing different engine coolants or using the wrong coolant can impair the performance of the special additive packages; this can result in increased corrosion to the radiator. … Using the wrong engine coolant can gradually lead to corrosion and damage to the water pump, radiator, radiator hoses and cylinder gasket.

What is the difference between coolant and antifreeze?

Well, antifreeze and engine coolant are similar, but not the same. Antifreeze is a concentrated, glycol-based liquid that must be diluted with water before use – at which point it is referred to as coolant. … Engine coolant is a mixture of antifreeze and water, with a common ratio of 50:50.

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