What makes Grandfather Mountain unique?

Grandfather Mountain is a place of amazing biodiversity and scenic beauty that towers 5,946 feet above northwest North Carolina. … One third of the mountain is operated as a scenic travel attraction by the Grandfather Mountain Stewardship Foundation, Inc.

What makes Grandfather Mountain special?

The Nature Conservancy considers Grandfather Mountain an ecological site of global significance, as it provides habitat for more globally rare species than any mountain east of the Rockies.

What can you see from Grandfather Mountain?

You will also be able to walk through the Animal Habitats where you can see black bears, cougars, otters, elk and eagles. The Mile High Swinging Bridge and Top Shop visitors’ center are at the very top of the mountain. You also can access the hiking trails from the parking area at the bridge.

What are two activities that one can do at Grandfather Mountain?

The easiest way to experience Grandfather Mountain is by exploring the family-friendly, non-profit park attraction (not a state or national park), which provides access to the famous Mile High Swinging Bridge, wildlife habitats and nature museum.

Is Grandfather Mountain Open to the public?

Grandfather Mountain is open every day of the year, weather permitting, except for Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. … On occasion, weather may cause the mountain close halfway (past the Nature Museum to the Mile High Swinging Bridge), during which half-priced admission will be charged.

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