What size bolt fits a skateboard bearing?

Mounting hardware is 10-32. You can get bolts in various lengths and styles (street skateboards generally take flat head 7/8” without risers or 1” with risers, while longboards use 1 1/4” or longer, depending on risers). The nuts are standard lock nuts.

What size are skateboard wheel bolts?

Hardware is necessary to attach the truck assembly to the actual skateboard deck and comes in sets of 8 bolts and 8 nuts. The most common sizes of hardware are 7/8” (for use with no risers) and 1” (for 1/8” risers). These sizes of hardware should be sufficient to assemble most skateboard set-ups.

How do you know what size bolts you need for a skateboard?

Selecting the right bolt length is fairly simple. If you skate without shock or riser pads, you will only ever need 7/8” – 1” bolts. If you use standard shock pads, with a height of 1/8”, you’ll need 1” – 1 1/8” long bolts. The higher your shock pads, the longer your bolts need to be, of course.

What size are skateboard truck nuts?

The standard size of a skateboard’s axle nut 5/16″-24tpi, and needs a 1/2″ SAE wrench to install. When searching for them in a hardware store, make sure it has a self-locking feature, like a portion of nylon threads at one end.

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What size wheels are good for a 8.0 deck?


Deck Size truck Size Wheel Size
8.0 7.75 – 8.25 Axles 50 – 54 mm
8.125 8.0 – 8.25 AXLES 50 – 54 mm
8.25 8.0 – 8.5 axles 52 – 55 mm
8.375 8.25 – 8.5 axles 52 – 55 mm

Is a 8.25 skateboard too big?

According to How to Size a Skateboard , any skateboard between 7.75″ and 8.25″ is great for a wide variety of skating styles. Deck width of 8.25″ and up is common choice for skaters who ride pool, vert, or transitions as a wider deck adds stability and confidence for speeding.

Does skateboard hardware size matter?

The best hardware size depends on what type of skateboard you have. For most shortboard applications, the standard hardware length is 1″. … If you choose to add a riser to your board, which increases the space between the deck and the skate trucks, you will need to adjust the length of your hardware.

What size bolt is a skateboard Kingpin?

The standard kingpin nut is usually a 3⁄8-24 UNF.

Should I use risers on my skateboard?

Skateboard decks that use wheels smaller than 55mm do not typically require risers; however, even 1/8″ risers can help keep your hardware in place. Skateboard decks that use wheels smaller than 55mm do not typically require risers; however, 1/8″ risers can help keep the hardware from vibrating loose.

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