What size wakeboard do I buy?

Rider Weight (lbs) Wakeboard Length (cm)
90-150 130-134
130-180 135-139
170-250 140-144
200-275+ > 144

How do you determine what size wakeboard to get?

It’s important to choose the right board length, based on your weight, as it can be frustrating when a wakeboard is not long enough to float you sufficiently.

Wakeboard size chart.

Rider Weight (lbs) Rider Weight (kg) Wakeboard Length (cm)
< 100 < 45 < 130
90 – 150 40 – 65 130 – 134
130 – 180 59 – 82 135 – 139
170 – 250 77 – 113 140 – 144

What size wakeboard is best for beginners?

Looking for the best beginner wakeboard? We’ve listed the best wakeboard brands, 3 of the best boards and our top pick for beginners.

Wakeboard Size Chart.

Length Of Wakeboard Weight Of Rider
Under 130cm Under 95lbs
131-135cm 96-150lbs
136-140cm 151-180lbs
141-145cm 181-250lbs

What size wakeboard do pros use?

The pros riding 135s are little dudes with insane strength to weight ratios. Most pros are riding around 140. Definitely understand both above posts. I was just curious on the smaller boards, I would never attempt to ride anything smaller than a 138.

How much is a good wakeboard?

If you’re in a rush, the best wakeboards from popular brands, such as Ronix and Hyperlite, can cost anywhere from $200 to $600. Used wakeboards cost a bit less, as their prices usually range from $150 to just over $200.

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How do I get my first wakeboard?

10 Tips for Choosing a Wakeboard

  1. Bring Your Own Board. If you really want to excel, it’s important to have your own wakeboard. …
  2. Check The Label. …
  3. Match Up Sizes. …
  4. Get Under The Skin. …
  5. Know Your Style. …
  6. Rock On (Or Off) …
  7. Find The Fin. …
  8. Investigate The Shape.

Can I ride a smaller wakeboard?

Wakeboard Weights

As you decrease a board’s size it may feel lighter, spin faster, and seem more aggressive. … Smaller wakeboards are a solid choice for pro riders who can handle high speed spins and need to add an extra 180 to land their next trick. But in general you can’t going wrong with sizing up a bit.

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