Where can I kayak Jim Thorpe?

Can you kayak in Jim Thorpe?

Kick It Up A Notch – Easy-to-do, exhilarating, and very cool – Inflatable White Water Kayaking ROCKS and Jim Thorpe River Adventures is your place to enjoy the experience! Small groups, professional guides, top-notch gear, and sleek sports car-like Inflatable Kayaks make it all happen.

Can you kayak on Lake Harmony PA?

Found in the heart of the Poconos, Lake Harmony is a natural glacial lake surrounded by picturesque summer homes and lush vegetation. It’s a popular spot for kayakers, canoers, and stand-up paddleboarders.

Can you kayak the Lehigh River?

This section of the Lehigh River is popular for rafting, kayaking, and canoeing. All boaters must put on and take off the Lehigh River at designated access areas. River flow is controlled by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at the Francis E. Walter Dam and by streams flowing into the river throughout the park.

Can you kayak in reservoirs?

You can certainly kayak on a reservoir! You will simply need to choose a safe launching and landing location, know the regular wind patterns, and be conscious of any areas that are designated as “off-limits” to non-motorized watercraft.

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Can you tube on the Lehigh River?

The Lehigh River is known for its white-water rapids in the upper course of the river. But the water is smoother in the Lehigh Valley, making it suitable for lazy-river tubing. You can pack a tube and supplies, and create your own trip down the Lehigh.

Can you swim in the Lehigh River?

You’re not allowed to swim there, yet so many people are doing it and nothing is done. … River swimming is dangerous because the topographic area is rocky, there are deep pools and swirling currents,” he said.

Can you kayak on Lake Wallenpaupack?

Kayaking can be a completely new way to explore the lake. Enjoy kayaking on Lake Wallenpaupack with our kayak rentals. Maneuver and explore waterways as you wind through rivers and canals on Lake Wallenpaupack. We also offer stand up paddles (SUPs), or paddle boards, another way to explore the lake.

What is in Easton Pa?

Things to Do in Easton, PA

  • Crayola Experience™ Explore all-things-color at Crayola Experience™, where you can see a 1,500-pound crayon, name your own crayon color, and create melted wax artwork.
  • The Nurture Nature Center. …
  • Karl Stirner Arts Trail. …
  • State Theatre Center For The Arts. …
  • Farmers’ Market. …
  • Weyerbacher Brewing.

What class rapids are on the Lehigh River?

Rapids are rated from Class I (easiest) to Class V (most challenging). Class VI is considered to be not navigable without unreasonable risk of injury. Our easiest trips on the Lehigh River feature Class I or II rapids; others feature Class II, III, or III+ whitewater.

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What is dam release white water rafting?

The often-used term “Dam Release” refers to water released above and beyond the usual amount. … Some water levels require us to do the 8 or 10 mile section, and other higher levels allow rafters and kayakers to enjoy the Class 2-3 rapids through the Lehigh Gorge State Park!

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