Where can you go white water rafting in Tennessee?

Can you go white water rafting in Tennessee?

For a thrilling experience when in Tennessee, consider a whitewater rafting trip through one of the state’s many rivers. Choose from gentler rapids or more adventurous waters, depending on your age and comfort level and the area you’ll be visiting. … Rapids are categorized as Class I through VI.

When can you go white water rafting in Tennessee?

The best time to go rafting is through the week in June, July and August or on weekends in the Spring and Fall. Saturdays of course are sometimes more convenient for many but Saturdays in July and August are the busiest days of the season and most of these days it is very crowded on the river.

Can you white water raft in Nashville?

Outdoor Adventure Near Nashville, Tennessee

NOC offers whitewater rafting adventure on several rivers in the region, whether you are looking for a family-friendly float trip or nonstop adventure with friends on an Olympic River. Just a few hours drive outside the city lies America’s Olympic River, the Ocoee.

What is the highest level of white water rafting?


  1. Class 1 and 2 are float trips.
  2. Class 3 is a typical beginner level for rafting.
  3. Class 4 is intermediate to advanced and good for adventure rafters.
  4. Class 5 is advanced and recommended only for experienced rafters.
  5. Class 6 is unrunnable by most people and presents an extreme level of danger.
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How long does whitewater rafting last?

Between the safety lesson/demonstration and the rafting, you’ll need about 2-2.5 hours. They don’t provide any wetsuits, only oars, helmets, and personal flotation devices.

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