Why do freedivers wear two wetsuits?

Usually a freediving wetsuit is made in two pieces, the high trousers and a separate jacket. In this way the diver has two layers on his chest and a snug fit, with no need of a zipper. Wetsuits made from open cell neoprene are preferable as they allow for more flexibility so that the diver can swim more freely.

Can you freedive in a normal wetsuit?

The simple answer, Yes. However, it’s important to understand the differences between the two. Unlike a SCUBA diver, a Freediver really doesn’t have any way to adjust their buoyancy. Even without a wetsuit or weights, a freediver will become negatively buoyant at depth.

Are freediving wetsuits different?

The main difference between a freediving wetsuit vs scuba wetsuit, is in how big the nitrogen bubbles are in each wetsuit. Freediving wetsuits have large nitrogen bubbles, with thin neoprene rubber ‘walls’ resulting in a much thinner, yet warmer wetsuit.

What kind of wetsuit do I need for freediving?

If you’ll be freediving in predominantly cold waters, you should opt for a thicker wetsuit that’s around 5mm to 7mm. For more variable temperatures, you may want a wetsuit that’s around 3mm, or even one that’s 5/3mm where it’s thicker around your body but thinner at the arms.

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Why do free divers wear wetsuits?

It is advisable for freedivers to wear a wetsuit because obviously it protects the diver from the cold but it also helps the diver with buoyancy. A freediver needs to be able to concentrate and he/she cannot do so if cold.

Can you use a freediving suit for scuba diving?

That nylon lining that makes mosts suits easy to don also makes them leaky, so they exchange a lot of water which leads to conduction, which makes you cold. If you do not mind soaping up to get into your suit, freediving suits are very good SCUBA suits.

Can you scuba dive in an open cell wetsuit?

Open cell technology helps to keep us warm, as it sits flush with our bodies. Also, open cell suits aid and assist with our streamlining and creating a hydrodynamic profile in the water. Here at Abyss, we prefer open cell technology for our Freediving and closed cell suits for our scuba divers.

How tight should a surf wetsuit be?

Surfing wetsuits should be close fitting but not so tight that you cannot breathe deeply. Check the neck and cuff areas as these need to remain tight so that the insulating layer of water is retained. The wetsuit should be form fitting without any loose or baggy areas.

What is open cell wetsuit?

An Open-Cell wetsuit is made of essentially the same neoprene material all wetsuits are made of, however instead of having a lining on the inside part of the wetsuit (the side which comes in contact with the divers skin), the top layer of the neoprene material is basically shaved off, resulting in a porous yet sealed …

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Are there 2 piece wetsuits?

These suits are designed primarily for sport diving. The two piece design lends itself to comfort and added utility. It makes an excellent suit for rental programs with a low initial cost offering fast and immediate returns on investment.

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