Why is my paintball gun shooting multiple balls?

Why is my paintball gun rapid firing?

(Tech Tip) If your marker is rapid firing be sure to check the lower bolt o-rings and trigger sear. Marker does not recock: If you fire the Rebel LE and it does not recock by itself, remove your air source and disassemble the gun (after you’ve made sure that your C02 tank has enough gas).

Why is my paintball gun chopping balls?

Ball chop happens because a paintball is not completely within the breech when the bolt comes forward. The bolt pinches or slices through the half-chambered paintball. … Again, if your loader is not feeding fast enough then it isn’t keeping a stack of paintballs over the breech to prevent them from ‘popcorning’ back up.

Why is my Tippmann 98 Custom shooting multiple balls?

Your ball detent is bad. That’s the little orange rubber flap in the front of your firing chamber when you take the marker apart. If you replace that, only one ball will feed at a time. What it’s doing now means that it’s worn out and no longer will stop multiple balls from rolling in to the chamber.

How many shots does it take to break in a paintball gun?

If you take it apart, and put it back together with the same parts, then technically, in my mind, it would take 2-3 shots to get all components re-seated and back to their original state. If you replace any parts (particularly the solenoid in an 07-based gun) then the break-in would be considerably longer.

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Do paintball guns break?

Although paintball rounds are fairly brittle and break apart on impact, they do travel at high speeds and have the potential to break glass. However, this all depends on the type of gun you are using, the makeup of the paintball round you are firing and the thickness of the glass you might come into contact with.

How can you tell if paintballs are bad?

Look for soft spots, dimples and pear or oblong shape. Feel new paintballs to determine if they’re bad. They need to be tough enough to shoot from the marker, but brittle enough to break when they hit an opponent.

What is the best paintball gun on the market right now?

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