Why is Western Mountaineering so expensive?

Western Mountaineering is a California-based company that has been making ultralight down sleeping bags in San Jose for over 35 years. … But they are expensive, because every model that Western Mountaineering manufactures is insulated with highly compressible 850+ fill goose down.

Are Western Mountaineering bags worth the money?

The build quality is everything you’ve heard. If well cared for, you can pass them down to your children. It’s up to you if that’s worth the money. They aren’t the most expensive bags out there, but for the price make sure you look at the equally phenomenal competition.

Are Western Mountaineering stuff sacks waterproof?

These bags are not water proof, but will hold up to any condensation and even light precipitation. Their less breathable shell means they are not ideal for warm nights. What loft power do you use? Western Mountaineering is specialized enough that we can ask for our suppliers to give us the best down they can get.

Is Nemo a good sleeping bag brand?

The Nemo Disco is one of the most comfortable sleeping bags on the market and a notable for tummy, side, and high knee sleepers. Its unique shape and roomy dimensions allowed for the most unencumbered movement of its occupants lower extremities and the most overall bed-like feel.

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Can you use a 0 degree sleeping bag in the summer?

You can always throw on an extra layer if you get cold, or throw it off if its too warm. I own 2 bags. A zero degree Marmot down bag for cold weather adventures, primarily i use my REI Ultralight Synthetic bag for summer camping. Its rated to 30 and has kept me warm on much colder nights.

Is a sleeping bag overkill?

If you hike in a sweltering climate, down sleeping bag might be an overkill and waste of money. If you regularly go camping by car, you also don’t have to care about weight or size all that much, and you might want to choose a much cheaper synthetic bag.

Do Western Mountaineering bags go on sale?

Short answer, no. WM will pull dealership if they’re caught selling below MAP. If you’re real lucky you may find a dealer who is discontinuing the line and liquidating inventory, but that’s rare. Best bet for a discount is buying used.

How long can you compress a down sleeping bag?

Also down sleeping bags are much more sensitive to compression, if you have hollow fiber or such, you are definitely ok. 10 days, no problem! As short a time as possible, epesically for synthetic fill.

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