You asked: How do you use a snowmobile choke?

You use the choke upon start up. Usually half choke before you start it then when you get it running you can switch it off. If the sled is cold blooded (cant sustain itself) you may need to keep the choke on or rev it slighty. Once the sled is running good and properly warmed you dont need to use the choke anymore.

How does a choke work on a snowmobile?

Basically all a choke does is restrict airflow to the carb so the air/fuel mixture going into the engine is in a “rich condition” meaning a lot more fuel/oil than air. The choke creates a vacuum to pull more fuel from the jets and into the air/fuel mixture.

Can you start a snowmobile without a choke?

The best way to start a sled with no choke is to pour about 1/4 cup of mixed gas in ONE of the carbs. Assuming this is a single carb model, less would be safer to avoid flooding.

Do all snowmobiles have a choke?

Well not all sleds have a choke. As you probably know Ski-Doos had a Primer until at least 97, maybe some 98s did.

How do you adjust the choke on a snowmobile?

Here’s what I do.. remove one of the plungers from the carb, adjust the other until there is a little bit of free play in the choke lever, then tighten that one up. Remove that one and screw the second into it’s carb and adjust again until there is about the same amount of free play in the lever, tighten that up.


What does EFI mean on a snowmobile?

EFI = Electronic Fuel Injection.

Can you pull start a snowmobile?

You can operate a snowmobile without a battery. Some snowmobiles have a pull start, and others can be jump started even with a dead battery.

Can you jumpstart a snowmobile?

Jumping your sled from a vehicle is fine, it’s just like jumping another car. It does not matter if the jumping car is running or not either. Also, there is a reason for the jumper cables mounted on the right (throttle) side of the engine.

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