You asked: Is Rally Health part of UnitedHealthcare?

UnitedHealthcare, a recognized leader in the health and well-being industry, began offering Rally HealthSM to its customers today. “We are thrilled to introduce Rally — a personalized, interactive health and wellness platform for all UnitedHealthcare plan members,” said the company in an announcement to its members.

Does United Healthcare own rally health?

Rally Health is the consumer digital health platform of Optum, part of UnitedHealth Group [NYSE: UNH].

What is rally through United Healthcare?

“Its Rally HealthSM program provides incentives and rewards to UnitedHealth members and self-insured employers for completing health surveys, taking healthy actions such as cutting back on sugar or completing challenges with the help of a wearable fitness device.”

Does UnitedHealthcare have a rewards program?

UnitedHealthcare Motion®

Employee rewards include deposits into their health reimbursement account (HRA) or health savings account (HSA), as applicable, which can be used to pay for health care expenses and an activity tracker.

What can rally coins be used for?

Through Rally’s rewards system in which members can redeem their Rally Coins to make charitable donations, get gift cards, or participate in auctions and sweepstakes.

How do I get a mobile rally Code?

Tap Next to begin setting up 2SV. Indicate how you want to receive your 6-digit code. Options include email or phone/text messaging; enter your phone number/email address and tap Send Code.

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What is a rally age?

Page 1. Your Rally Age is a measure that can help you assess your health, shown in years over or under your actual age. It demonstrates how your life choices and health behaviors impact your predicted lifespan.

Does UnitedHealthcare insurance cover gym membership?

Jump-start your quest for better health, body and mind

The program is available with select UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage plans and includes a membership at a participating fitness location at no extra cost and online exercises and activities to support brain health.

How do I redeem my MyPoints?

Click on the denomination of the Reward option you wish to redeem for, re-log into your MyPoints account to verify, and then click the “Get Rewarded!” button to redeem your Points.

What are wellness programs in insurance?

A program intended to improve and promote health and fitness that’s usually offered through the work place, although insurance plans can offer them directly to their enrollees. The program allows your employer or plan to offer you premium discounts, cash rewards, gym memberships, and other incentives to participate.

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