You asked: Is there a hidden city in the Grand Canyon?

IS THERE A LOST ANCIENT CITY IN THE GRAND CANYON? The answer is yes. There are thousands of years of history in the Grand Canyon. … Not necessarily hidden for the protection of historical sites but to hide history because it will rewrite the history we all were taught.

What are they hiding in the Grand Canyon?

The paper said that there were traces of an ancient Tibetan or Egyptian civilization located in an underground tunnel within the canyon. The Smithsonian denied any truth to this story, although some believe whatever was found in the tunnels, Egyptian, Tibetan or not, was hidden in a cover-up.

What is the forbidden zone in the Grand Canyon?

This entire area with the Egyptian and Hindu place names in the Grand Canyon is a forbidden zone – no one is allowed into this large area. We could only conclude that this was the area where the vaults were located. Yet today, this area is curiously off-limits to all hikers and even, in large part, park personnel.

Can you drive to the bottom of the Grand Canyon?

Inner Canyon Tour

The Only “Get to the Bottom” tour by vehicle. The Inner Canyon Tour takes you to the Bottom of the Grand Canyon in style without hiking or riding a Mule. You can get in the Colorado River and be at the Bottom of it all. This tour is the ONLY way to drive to the Bottom!

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Did China buy the Grand Canyon?

Arizona officials announced that the state budget was balanced today as a result of selling the Grand Canyon to a Chinese company. When asked how the state could sell a national park, a spokesperson said “Possession is nine tenths of the law.

How much of the Grand Canyon is unexplored?

Only 30% of the Grand Canyon’s caves have been explored.

There are about 1,000 caves in the park, but only 335 have been explored and recorded.

Are there hieroglyphics in the Grand Canyon?

We know for certain that John Wesley Powell, the first explorer of the Grand Canyon, noted numerous caves in the Grand Canyon on his way down the river. He and his men most certainly discovered remnants of previous civilizations, including a well-worn path, ruins, hieroglyphics and some pottery fragments.

Did they find Egyptian ruins in the Grand Canyon?

Myth #4: The Smithsonian discovered Egyptian ruins in the Grand Canyon. Fact: It didn’t. … The story also asserts that a Smithsonian archaeologist named S. A. Jordan returned with Kincaid to investigate the site. However, the Arizona Gazette appears to have been the only newspaper ever to have published the story.

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