You asked: What is going on with Arctic Cat snowmobiles?

The Federal Court of Canada has released its Public Judgment and Reasons document on the Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) and Arctic Cat (AC) patent infringement lawsuit that was decided on July 15, 2020. … The decision clearly prohibits Arctic Cat from selling its snowmobiles that infringe on the patent in Canada.

What’s up with Arctic Cat?

For the last two years, Arctic Cat dealerships were pushing customers into the newest and greatest vehicles that are “Textron.” They now abandoned every customer; they sold a Textron to making that brand non-existent, causing anyone who owns a Textron vehicle to have a considerable drop in resale or trade value.

What’s new for Arctic Cat snowmobiles?

Also New For 2022: All 6000, 8000 and 9000 sleds receive the new ADAPT CVT System by Arctic Cat for upgraded performance and serviceability. The crossover lineup is offering a RIOT 8000 and RIOT X model with Arctic Cat’s adjust-on-the-fly ATAC suspension system.

Is Arctic Cat struggling?

Too much unsold inventory – Arctic Cat had troubles clearing dealer inventories. Trouble supporting new product research-and-development. Facing an increasingly competitive sales and promotional environment. Challenges in upgrading its dealer network.

Does Textron still own Polaris?

Textron, Inc. purchases Polaris; keeps manufacturing operations in Roseau, MN.

Does Arctic Cat make good snowmobiles?

Arctic Cat is also one of the best snowmobile manufacturers, as it has the second largest market share in the snowmobile market (around 33%).

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Did Bass Pro buy Arctic Cat?

bought Arctic Cat in January 2017 for $247 million and incorporated it into the Textron Specialty Vehicles division. … Bass Pro founder and Great Outdoors head Johnny Morris said in a statement that the vehicles will deliver “industry-leading quality our customers have come to expect from the Tracker brand.”

Does Arctic Cat use Yamaha engines?

Naturally, Cat’s 9000 Series turbo 4-strokes are Yamahas and Arctic Cat uses Yamaha 4-strokes in some of its touring and utility sleds, too. … The demand for one is there from Yamaha fans, dealers would love it and Arctic Cat’s 600 2-stroke technology is time-proven and extremely good.

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