Your question: How much does scuba diving cost in Puerto Rico?

Introductory courses for beginners start at $125, and two-tank dives for experienced divers begin at around $85, but most cost at least $125. In San Juan, try Caribe Aquatic Adventures, Normandie Hotel San Juan, Calle 19 1062, Villa Nevarez (tel. 787/281-8858), or Ocean Sports (Av.

Is scuba diving in Puerto Rico good?

The dive sites around Puerto Rico offer a large variety of diving opportunities. The southern coastal town of La Parguera are incredible, while the isles of Desecheo are world class. … The country is also famous for its bioluminescent bay in the southwest of Puerto Rico in Parguera.

How much does a scuba diving trip cost?

But, as with all equipment-oriented activities, there are expenses. Yes, scuba diving is an expensive hobby. You can expect to spend roughly $300 to receive your diving certification, anywhere from $200 – $2,000 on scuba diving gear, and anywhere between $75 – $150 per dive.

What do you need to scuba dive in Puerto Rico?

Water Temperature. Average water temperature on the top layer of Puerto Rico’s seas is 85 degrees F in the summer and 75 degrees F in the winter. Most divers need only a shorty wetsuit in the summer, but a 2mm full wetsuit is needed in winter.

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Is scuba diving good in San Juan?

While the city might not host the very best dive sites in Puerto Rico, scuba diving in San Juan is often easy and convenient, and the city’s local dive sites offer plenty of tropical sea life, as well as the clear, warm waters of the Caribbean.

How long does a scuba tank last?

Based on personal experience, an average open water certified diver using a standard aluminum 80-cubic-foot tank on a 40-foot dive will be able to stay down for about 45 minutes before surfacing with a safe reserve of air.

Can you swim in Puerto Rico in December?

On a tropical island with a mostly consistent climate, the month of December is still beach season for Puerto Rico, while inland attractions for swimmers are also available.

Is it safe to snorkel in Puerto Rico?

Thanks to the remote nature of the island, its waters are pristine as well as warm, shallow and calm offering safe conditions to go snorkeling in Puerto Rico for kids and beginners. Mangrove channels are fun to snorkel through as you take in the sandy bottom and small schools of colorful fish here.

Is it safe to swim in Puerto Rico?

The local beaches are pretty safe during the day, just keep an eye on your belongings and don’t bring anything you’re not prepared to have stolen while having a swim. Puerto Rico has a high homicide rate however this usually affects those involved in gang activity, the drug trade or both.

Can you drink the water in Puerto Rico 2020?

The water in Puerto Rico is safe to drink—but read this first. … But when it comes to drinking water, things are a bit hit-and-miss. Simple solution: if you’re in the cities, you’ll be fine. If you’re in the countryside and you’ve got a soft stomach, drink bottled water instead of tap.

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Are there crocodiles in Puerto Rico?

The crocodiles are believed to be the descendants of pets brought to the island in the 1960s and are now flourishing in the estuary, which is surrounded by more than 500,000 people. …

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