Your question: Is kayaking near whales dangerous?

“Kayaking with whales can be extremely dangerous. It can turn into a life or death situation real quick-like. … “Of course, man’s interaction with marine life has proven to be far more dangerous for the fish, dolphins, seals, whales, and other species who live there than for the human visitors.

Is it safe to kayak with whales?

The good news is that it’s very safe to be around whales while kayaking. While whales are very large animals and can be intimidating—especially when kayakers are in close proximity with these mammals—they are also highly intelligent and very agile, which allows them to navigate around kayaks and avoid any collisions.

Is it dangerous to kayak near Orcas?

Is it safe to be around orcas (killer whales) in a sea kayak? Yes, and it is a thrill that you will never forget! Orcas are incredibly smart, observant, and remarkably agile for their size. They never bump into kayaks or act aggressive in any way.

What to do if you see a whale while kayaking?

Get Out of Their Way

Be sure to look in all directions. If a whale approaches close, stop paddling and let the animal pass. If you need to move around, do it from behind the whale and avoid sudden changes in directions.

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Do orcas flip kayaks?

Killer whales in the wild do not attack people, but that doesn’t mean it would not be scary to be closely approached by one of the apex predators while paddling a kayak.

Where is the best place to see orcas?

Five great places to see killer whales in the wild

  1. San Juan Islands, Washington. This is one of the most dependable place to go to see orcas in the continental U.S. …
  2. Vancouver Island, Canada. …
  3. Southeastern Alaska. …
  4. Monterey Bay, Calif. …
  5. Southern California.

What to do if a whale approaches you?

Whales should not be encircled or trapped between boats, or boats and shore. If approached by a whale, put the engine in neutral and allow the whale to pass.

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