Your question: Is the front or back bigger on a skateboard?

The nose is the front kicktail of your skateboard and is usually slightly broader than the tail. We refer to the to back kicktail of your skateboard as simply just the tail. So when you are working out which is the front or back, the back is usually slightly smaller than the nose.

Is the front or back higher on a skateboard?

But traditional skateboards, also called old-school boards, have a nose (called the front kicktail) that is slightly broader than the tail (or rear kicktail). The nose is also flat, while the tail usually is usually angled slightly upward.

How do you tell the tail of a skateboard?

The difference between the nose and tail of most skateboards is minimal. The best way to see the difference is to look at the board from the side. You’ll see that the tail is (generally) slightly shorter, rounder, and with a steeper rocker. The nose is typically longer, more broad, with a more mellow rocker.

What are 4 types of skateboarding?


  • Freestyle Skateboarding.
  • Vert Skateboarding.
  • Street Skateboarding.
  • Park Skateboarding.
  • Cruising.
  • Downhill Skateboarding.
  • Other Styles.

Is it bad to skate goofy?

There is no right or wrong way to stand on a skateboard (or snowboard, surfboard, or any other board), but most people feel more comfortable riding a skateboard regular, instead of goofy. The dominant foot is often back because it is better able to control the board. Beginners should go with the stance that feels best.

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Which foot goes first on a skateboard?

The natural – or primary – stance can be regular or goofy. A regular-footed skateboarder places his or her left (lead) foot in front of the skateboard – near the nose – and uses the right foot to push. A goofy-footed skater does the opposite.

Which way is regular and goofy?

A “regular” stance indicates the left foot leading on the board with the right foot pushing, while a “Goofy” stance leads with the right foot on the board, pushing with the left. … In this position, the rider will have the leading foot facing forward in either regular or switch stance.

Do I need risers on my skateboard?

Skateboard decks that use wheels smaller than 55mm do not typically require risers; however, even 1/8″ risers can help keep your hardware in place. Skateboard decks that use wheels smaller than 55mm do not typically require risers; however, 1/8″ risers can help keep the hardware from vibrating loose.

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