Are dogs allowed on Tiger Mountain?

Dogs are allowed at Tiger Mountain and Raging River if they are on a leash. Horseback riders may bring unleashed dogs if they are controlled by voice command.

Is Tiger Mountain dog friendly?

Don’t let the name fool you: this hike is a beloved trail up Tiger Mountain in the Issaquah Alps. … Not only is this hike dog-friendly, its a great workout.

Are dogs allowed on Washington State trails?

Most Washington State DNR trails, including Mount Si and Tiger Mountain, require that dogs be on a leash.

Can dogs go on trails in Mt Rainier?

At Mount Rainier, pets are NOT allowed on trails**, in wilderness and/or off trail areas, inside buildings, in amphitheaters, on roads closed for winter, or on snow (service animals excepted).

Why dogs should not go on trails?

They have been known to get caught in traps set by hunters in some forested areas or fall down crevices and steep hillsides. Also, many dog breeds aren’t adapted to hiking — their paws often get torn up and since they sweat through their feet, they can overheat.

Can dogs hike the enchantments?

Dogs are prohibited on Colchuck Lake trail, Stuart Lake trail and within the Enchantment Permit Area. Dogs, and all pets, are prohibited, except for Service Dogs as defined by Department of Justice regulations 28 C.F.R. Part 35.136.

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