Best answer: What are kayak scupper plugs for?

Scupper holes, found in sit-on-top kayaks, are designed as a safety feature to drain water out of the kayak, from top to bottom, which keeps you from sitting in a puddle or even worse, making your kayak a bathtub full of water prone to capsizing.

How do kayak scupper plugs work?

How does a scupper valve work? Scupper valves are one-way plugs. They allow water that enters a sit-on-top kayak to drain out the scupper holes while also blocking water from splashing up through the holes.

What is scupper plug on ship?

Scuppers are an opening cut through the bulwarks of a ship so that water present on deck may flow overboard. Scupper plugs are inserted into the scuppers during bunkering, which is the process of receiving oil in the ship’s tank, as well as during other cargo operations.

Can a sit-on-top kayak sink?

With scupper holes (holes in the kayak that allow any water to drain out) and nowhere for water to collect, a sit-on-top kayak won’t sink when capsized.

Do scupper plugs add buoyancy?

Scupper plugs can also provide some additional buoyancy when installed. By plugging the scupper holes you are forcing the water out from under the kayak and around the sides. This is helpful when the weight of the kayak is heavier than normal such as when extra gear or a heavier paddler is onboard.

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