Can you kayak on Nepaug reservoir?

You can paddle along gentle rapids through the Nepaug State Forest. … The section that flows northwards from Farmington to Simsbury can be a good stretch for easy paddling, with launch areas in both towns. There are a few places along the river that offer watercraft rentals and tours.

Can you kayak in reservoirs?

You can certainly kayak on a reservoir! You will simply need to choose a safe launching and landing location, know the regular wind patterns, and be conscious of any areas that are designated as “off-limits” to non-motorized watercraft.

Where can I kayak in Fairfield County CT?

Kayaking and Canoeing Near Fairfield CT

  • The Small Boat Shop. Norwalk, CT.
  • Collis P. Huntington State Park. …
  • Sunken Meadow State Park. Kings Park, NY.
  • Seth Low Pierrepont State Park Reserve. Ridgefield, CT.
  • West Rock Ridge State Park. Hamden, CT.
  • Farm River State Park. …
  • Quinnipiac River Front St Boat Ramp. …
  • Heckscher State Park.

Where can I launch my kayak in CT?

State Parks with Launches for Motor Boating:

  • Bigelow Hollow State Park, Union.
  • Gardner Lake State Park, Salem.
  • Haddam Meadows State Park, Haddam.
  • Hopeville Pond State Park, Griswold.
  • Higganum Reservoir State Park, Higganum.
  • Indian Well State Park, Shelton.
  • James L. …
  • Mansfield Hollow State Park, Mansfield.
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Can you kayak in Stevens Creek Reservoir?

Stevens Creek Reservoir is an 82 acre, non-power boating reservoir popular with fisherman and boaters. … Sailors, kayakers and non-power boaters can enjoy a beautiful view from the calm waters of Stevens Creek Reservoir.

Where can I take a kayak?

Places to kayak and canoe in London

  • Canals. …
  • The tidal Thames. …
  • The non-tidal Thames. …
  • The River Lee (River Lea) …
  • Other London rivers. …
  • Lee Valley White Water Centre. …
  • Lakes and reservoirs. …
  • Beyond London.

Can you kayak the Connecticut River?

Paddlers Trail History: New England’s longest waterway, the Connecticut River, provides over four hundred miles of canoe and kayak exploration.

Do you have to wear a life jacket on a kayak in CT?

There must be a wearable Life Jacket aboard for each person. … All children 12 and under must wear a Life Jacket. Don’t stand up in a manually propelled vessel, such as a canoe, kayak or rowboat. Always paddle directly into or away from the wake of larger boats.

Can I launch my kayak anywhere?

Yes, you can launch your kayak from a boat ramp! You may also launch from anywhere you have public or permitted access. If you’re in a State Park, there may be local regulations launching from the grass and not a ramp if your kayak is motor powered.

Is a whistle required on a kayak?

Federal law does not require you to have a whistle specifically on board a kayak. The law requires that any water vessels shorter than 12 meters have a sound device onboard. Whistles qualify, but other sound devices—like horns—may be used as well.

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