How long should an 8 skateboard be?

Board Length Height Range Stance width
30.3”/ 77 cm 5’6” – 5’8” (167-172 cm) 20.8”
31.5”/ 80 cm 5’8” – 5’10” (172-179cm) 22.0”

How long is an 8.0 skateboard?

NOTE TO BEGINNERS: Unless you are sure you want a wide board with a long wheelbase, start off with a standard deck of 8.0″ to 8.38″ in width, and about 32″ in length. This is a much more common size, and probably a better starting point.

How long should a normal skateboard be?

Length – The length of the skateboard is measured from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail. Average board length is 28″- 32″.

How long is an 8.5 skateboard?

Skateboard Deck Size Chart

Deck Width (in) Suggested Truck Axle Width (in)
8.0 – 8.5 8.25
8.25 – 8.75 8.4 / 8.5
8.5 – 9.25 8.75
8.75 – 10.0 8.9 / 9.0

What does 8.0 mean on a skateboard?

7.5″ to 8″ – Standard board for adult riders skating streets or doing more technical tricks. 8.0″ to 8.25″ – Skating pool, ramp, rail, and parks. 8.25″ and larger – Vert, pools, cruising, and just going old school.

What size board does Tony Hawk Ride?

The standard recommended size for the skateboard is 7.5 inches wide while the length should be in between 28″ – 32″.

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Can I use 7.75 trucks on a 8 deck?

For the perfect truck size, you are aiming to match the overall truck width to the deck width, for example, a 7.75″ deck matches a 5.0″ truck, an 8.0″ deck matches a 5.25″ truck.

What size trucks are best for a 8.0 skateboard?

In general, we would recommend choosing a truck with an axle width that’s exactly the same width as your deck. A margin of +/- 0.125″ is totally okay. So, for a deck that is 8″ wide trucks an axle width from 7.875″ – 8.125″ are ideal.

Is a 7.5 skateboard too small?

Mini decks are the best skateboards for beginners who are 6-8 years old, between 3’5” and 4’4” tall who wear size 4-6 shoes. … 7.5″ to 8″ – Standard deck size for most riders skating streets or doing more technical tricks with a shoe size of 11 or less.

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