How much resin do I need for a longboard?

As a rule of thumb, for the laminating stage, you want to use at least 3 oz of mixed resin per foot of surfboard length plus 3 more ounces. So for a 6-foot surfboard, you should use AT LEAST 21 oz of mixed epoxy/hardener, or 14 oz of epoxy mixed with 7 oz of hardener.

How much epoxy do I need for a paddle board?

You will need at least one half gallon of resin and one quart of hardener for this board. (You may be able to get away with only using that if you are more careful than we were.) We placed our epoxy containers in a tub of warm water and used an electric heater to warm the shop.

How much epoxy resin do I need for fiberglass?

General Formula for coverage of Epoxy resin to fiberglass cloth. A general formula is to plan a ratio of 1:2.5 resin. This means for every ounce of cloth, you use 2.5 ounces of resin in a total of about 3 coats.

How do I calculate how much resin I need?

To calculate volume in cubic inches: (radius squared) X pi (or, 3.14159265) x (desired epoxy coating thickness). Divide by 1.805 to convert cubic inch volume to US fluid ounces. To convert ounces to gallons, divide by 128.

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How much does longboard epoxy cost?

The rule of thumb for seal coat resin quantity is 3 oz. of mixed material per foot of board length.

Which is better epoxy or polyester resin?

Epoxy is more resistant to wearing, cracking and peeling, and corrosion or damage from chemical or environmental degradation. Polyester is more fragile and useful for temporary fixes, or low-stress use. Epoxy is generally more expensive than resin, due to its strength and formulation requirements.

Why are surfboards so fragile?

Surfboards are pretty fragile considering the amount of abuse they go through–a simple foam core, usually supported somewhat by a stringer of some type and wrapped in a paper thin “skin” made out of fiberglass and resin.

Do any pros ride epoxy boards?

Do professional surfers use epoxy surfboards? Yes. Pro surfers compete with expanded (EPS) or even extruded polystyrene (XTR/XPS) surfboards in certain wave conditions. EPS is an open-cell foam.

How much does 1 gallon of fiberglass resin cover?

1 Gallon of Resin Wets Out

Materials Sq. Ft.
1.50oz Mat 32 SF
3.50oz Cloth 150 SF
6.00oz Cloth 90 SF
10.00oz Cloth 60 SF

How much does a gallon of epoxy cover?

How much will a gallon of floor coating cover? Based on a perfectly flat surface, 1 gallon of 100% solids epoxy floor coating will cover 1600 sq. ft. at 1 mil thick.

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