Quick Answer: What does a research table do in raft?

The Research Table can be used to research new items and tools through adding resources in its interface. It can be used to discover items that cannot be crafted when starting out, such as the Scarecrow and Lantern. Place researchable items (see below) in the interface slot of the Research Table and research the item.

What do you do with blueprints in raft?

Blueprints are designs for new items the player can research at the Research Table.

How do you get a Smelter in the raft?

You don’t need blueprint for it (afaik only end game stuff have blueprints), it’s there automatically on research table. You only need to research the materials for it in research table (by putting wood, stone etc. on the research slot. it should list the materials you need to research.) to unlock the building recipe.

How do you get items in the raft?

When you first spawn, it will be on a small 2×2 raft with a grappling hook. The hook is used with the left mouse button via holding it down to throw farther away then holding it down to reel it in, collecting items on the way.

Can you pick up a research table rust?

Players can choose to craft tables and place them both in or outside of their base designs, as they can also be placed outside on the ground. Notably, research tables can also be picked up and stored away in a player’s inventory or other containers, without the table taking damage.

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Do I need to keep my blueprints in Raft?

You don’t need them, as soon as you pick any of the blueprints up the recipe is added to the research table. I just throw mine in the ocean and recommend you do the same because they literally have no purpose.

Is there a story in Raft?

A main Story was introduced to Raft on December 3rd, 2019, when the First Chapter was added to the game. This page will attempt to explain the progress of the story line, as well as notes and pictures found underway. The story can be started by crafting and installing a Receiver and three Antennas on the Raft.

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