Should I loosen my skateboard wheels?

Your skateboard wheels should be tight enough that they spin freely. However, you don’t want the wheels so loose that they wiggle on the truck’s axle. … If the wheel stops spinning after a few seconds, you’ll want to loosen them.

What happens if I loosen my skateboard wheels?

But loose wheels create another problem, and it’s one that frustrates skateboarders to no end. As we skate, the board will invariably crash into the pavement. Sometimes it will land on the axles. If the axle nuts are loose when this happens, the axle may shift through the hanger.

Are softer skateboard wheels better?

Most skateboarders use the Durometer A Scale to determine how hard a wheel is. This is a 100 point scale that determines how soft or firm a wheel is. … Harder wheels tend to be faster while softer wheels are slower because they grip better. Harder wheels are better suited for skate parks and rides on smooth surfaces.

Why do I have to push so much on my skateboard?

Bad quality wheels are made way to soft. This causes a certain amount of squishing to the wheels once you stand on the skateboard and put pressure on the wheels.

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Are tight or loose trucks better?

Tight trucks are better for the ancles, it will prevent future injuries, and if you have one a board with tight trucks will help you to get back sooner than you think. On the other hand, loose trucks won’t make it difficult to line up on an obstacle.

Can I use WD40 on my skateboard bearings?

It’s important to use a silicone-based lubricant. WD40 or others like it will dry out your bearings and attract dust and dirt. … It doesn’t take much, and the excess will just spin out when you replace your shields, pop your bearings back in your wheels and start shredding. Skate safe and enjoy your new-found speed.”

Why does my skateboard slow down so fast?

One of the most frequent issues that produce a slow skateboard is over-tightened axle nuts. How tight should skateboard wheels be? Over-tightening axle nuts causes pressure against bearings, not allowing wheels to spin. … With your hand, move wheel side to side to, listen for clicking noise.

Why does my skateboard not go far?

Bad bearings, worn or “coned-out” wheel(s) or worn down size wheels may be the problem. Wheels get harder with age and exposure to sun and temperature changes. Older wheels perform less well than new ones for these and many other reasons. Basic maintenance can fix most troubles tho, so don’t despair, repair!

Why can’t I turn on my skateboard?

Check the tightness of your trucks.

If your deck barely tilts, it means you have tight trucks, which will make it difficult to turn. If your board tilts easily, it means your trucks are loose; while looser trucks make turning easier, they also make your deck unstable and difficult to control.

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Are soft wheels good for street skating?

Generally speaking harder wheels are faster, and softer wheels are slower with the added advantage of having more grip. Softer wheels are better suited to street skating, while harder wheels are better for smooth surfaces.

Are 78a wheels too soft?

Most manufacturers use the Durometer A Scale. For example, a skateboard wheel with a hardness of 78a would be considered very soft, while one labeled 100a would be hard.

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