What do you need to rent a snowmobile in Wisconsin?

Age. You must be at least 12 years old to operate a snowmobile rental in the state of Wisconsin. However, in order to rent a snowmobile, you must be at least 18 years of age and possess either a driver’s license or state-issued ID.

Can you rent snowmobiles in Wisconsin Dells?

Unguided Daily Rentals

Must be 21 yrs old to rent. Anyone born after Jan. 1st 1985, must obtain a Snowmobile Safety Certificate to ride legally. The course is available online at www.snowmobile-ed.com/wi/.

Do you need insurance on a snowmobile in Wisconsin?

Insurance is not compulsory in Wisconsin, but registration is compulsory. Also, all snowmobilers who are at least 12 years old must take a Wisconsin-Approved Snowmobile Safety Course. Those who wish to get an additional level of financial security should insure their snowmobiles.

What equipment is required on a snowmobile in Wisconsin?

Your snowmobile must be equipped with at least one brake, operated either by hand or by foot. Track studs are legal to use without additional fees or requirements. Your snowmobile must be equipped with side marker reflectors if manufactured after July 1, 1972.

Do you have to wear a snowmobile helmet in Wisconsin?

Before heading out onto Wisconsin’s snowmobile trails please remember to follow all safety regulations and best practices to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride: Always wear an approved helmet and safety gear while riding. Ensure your snowmobile is properly registered in the state.

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Are snowmobiles covered under homeowners insurance?

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners notes that your snowmobile will typically not be covered by your homeowners, renters or auto insurance policies. Talk to your agent to see if your existing insurance policies provide any coverage.

How difficult is it to ride a snowmobile?

Even the basic techniques to maneuver the sled are insanely difficult. You will get stuck. I was shocked to learn even the best riders get stuck … a lot. Riding in technical terrain or pushing your limits always results in a few “stucks” on the day.

How many layers should you wear snowmobile?

We recommend that you wear about 3 to 5 layers. If you need more warmth, you can decide to wear more than 5 layers. Just ensure that you don’t wear any cotton material along the line because cotton will absorb moisture instead of releasing it to the atmosphere.

Why should you always carry a tool kit when riding?

Mechanical problems can occur at any time, so it’s wise to carry the tool kit and owner’s manual that came with your snowmobile.

How do you get a snowmobile license in Wisconsin?

Get Certified in 3 Easy Steps:

  1. Study the Online Course. Pay a one-time fee of $29.95.
  2. Pass the Online Exam. Animations and visual questions help you learn.
  3. Print your Certificate. And go snowmobiling right away!
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