What’s at the bottom of Canyon Lake?

What’s under Canyon Lake? The remains of the Hancock store disappeared below the waters of Canyon Lake. For more information call 830-629-1572.

Are there alligators in Canyon Lake?

It is not impossible for alligators to live in Canyon Lake. Before Canyon Dam was built, the Guadalupe River ran murky and warmer than it does today. Stories exist of alligators living in the warmer waters of the river, but no one has seen them in years now that the river runs colder and clearer.

Does Canyon Lake flood?

Canyon Dam controls floods originating on the 1,432 square miles of drainage above the dam. Flood protection is provided to 157,250 acres of land downstream from the dam. The high canyons of the upper Guadalupe have a channel capacity of 40,000-50,000 cubic feet per second.

Is Canyon Lake Clear Water?

Canyon Lake is known as the Water Recreation Capital of Texas. Canyon Lake has beautiful clear water, striped bass, camping and day parks, hiking trails, and lots of room for recreation. Twenty-three boat ramps provide easy access.

Is Canyon Lake the deepest lake in Texas?

Canyon Lake, with a maximum depth of 125 feet, is one of the deepest and most scenic lakes in Texas. Canyon Lake, formerly known as Canyon Reservoir, is on the Guadalupe River in the Texas Hill Country just 35 miles northeast of San Antonio and 40 miles southwest of Austin.

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