Why do skaters hate longboarders Reddit?

here is some of the reasons for the hate… mostly they just don’t like posers, which, there are more skateboard posers than one would like to count. I will say that some longboarders are elitist as if their form of skateboarding is better. To those people I ask to pick up a double kick and do an ollie or kickflip.

Are longboarders skaters Reddit?

Longboarders aren’t skaters, they’re longers. it’s annoying when they rip on skaters so we rip back.

Is longboarding harder than skateboarding Reddit?

They’re harder to maneuver, heavier to carry and you can’t do many tricks should you ever want to. Long boards can, however, go faster and further off a push than skateboards and can more easily traverse lousy pavement.

Do skaters hate longboarders?

There’s definitely animosity between some skateboarders towards those who ride longboards or cruisers. Some longboarders dislike skateboarders too. Skateboarding is definitely more technical though, and longboarders who don’t respect the skateboard are straight-up delusional.

Can longboarders wear Thrasher?

Can Longboarders Wear Thrasher? Longboarders can definitely wear Thrasher. Actually, longboarders and skaters can wear whatever they want. Thrasher started out as a magazine wholly about and for skateboarding.

Can you skate with crocs?

Have you ever tried skating with work boots or Crocs? Yeah, we don’t recommend it. Your shoes are the basic control point of your skateboard. If your shoes are too big, too heavy or just generally uncomfortable, you’ll have a harder time learning how to skate.

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Why do skateboarders Crouch?

If you lose your balance while skateboarding, crouch down on the skateboard to reduce the height of the fall and try to land on the fleshy parts of the body. Try to relax your body during a fall and try to roll instead of absorbing the force with your arms.

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