You asked: How do you slow down a carver skateboard?

How do you maintain Surfskate?

3. Basic maintenance for you surfskate

  1. Adjust the wheels: The wheels shouldn´t be dancing around too much, but they shouldn´t be too tight. …
  2. Adjust the screw that holds the pivot bolt. …
  3. Make sure the screws join the axes to the deck: With the vibrations it can loosen up the screws. …
  4. Check the bearings. …
  5. Clean it with oil.

How do I stop on a skateboard?

Push down sharply on the tail, to lift up the front of the board, transferring some of your weight backwards and bending your front leg. You can also use your shoulders and your front foot to turn backwards, turning the board away from the direction of travel. Your heel and the tail will bring you to a stop.

Can I cruise on a Surfskate?

Can a surfskate work well for cruising? It’s possible to use a surfskate for cruising provided it enough stability. Surfskates designed for hardcore surf training such as YOW, Swelltech, or Smoothstar, are the least suited for cruising because they are so loose and lack stability.

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